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Our award winning journalists have been telling stories on TV for more than 30 years.

We'll tell your story exactly the way you want it told.





"We're committed to excellence. Entrust your life story to us and we'll make you justifiably proud." 

-Fred Anderton, Founder & Chief Executive Optimist

Why a video biography?

"My grandkids won't read a book about me but they will watch a video."
-Michael G. DeGroote

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist


Why preserve my legacy?

"A video biography is the most precious

gift you can give your family.

They'll treasure it forever."
-Ron Foxcroft

Founder, Fox 40 Whistle



"You can trust the professionals at VIDEOBIO.ca to tell your story in a way that will make you proud."
-Ron Joyce

Co-founder, Tim Hortons

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S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S

“Video has always been the deepest way to engage an audience.”
-Gary Vaynerchuk, Marketing Expert










The internet has amplified the importance of video as a way to connect.


This dynamic 3-minute video is the perfect way to engage your target market.


Ideal for your website and building your brand through skillful cross promotion in Social Media

(Youtube channel, Twitter, Facebook).


Turn prospects into customers.  Get attention!  Get retention!


Get the Executive Videobio.  It will pay for itself.













An impactful way to share your success story.


This compelling 10-minute video builds your brand, preserves your precious memories and enhances your stature.


We document your rise to the top, highlight how you preserved to make your dreams come true and showcase your generous contributions to the community.


The Premier Videobio is ideal for awards ceremonies and special events.











The ultimate way to share your remarkable success story and preserve your legacy.


This powerful 30-minute documentary style video captures your passion and touches every emotion.


We're with you every step of the way along your life's incredible journey. Trace your childhood memories. Follow your path to success. Remember the people and moments that shaped your life.


A priceless account of your success story that will grow in value every year.


The Legacy Videobio is the most precious gift you can give your family.

What clients are saying...

VIDEOBIO'S interviewing skills make people feel relaxed and important. Not just the high profile people they interview but everyone.”

Walter Gretzky, Proud Canadian

Working with Fred and his team is a real pleasure. He is professional, patient, thorough and results driven, creating wonderful videos for his clients.”

- Dan Lawrie, CEO, Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers

M E E T   F R E D

- Founder & Chief Executive Optimist

B r a n d   N e w !   B r a n d   Y o u !



If you want more than just a mention.... Get attention!  Get retention!